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Racing-Steel, the unique combination of motorsport Art and Interior Décor.

Discover decorative work of art dedicated to motorsport in the purest spirit of “Vintage“.

If the legend of motorsports and the appeal of vintage models from the past awakes a certain nostalgia in you or if you are simply a lover of exclusive decorative objects, Racing-Steel is a new collection that should trigger your curiosity and take you back on a journey in time.


Racing-Steel is a collection of large-scale works of art, painted by hand on recycled metal sheets. A noble material, weathered by time to take you into another dimension of the legend of automobiles and motorsports.

Selected with the utmost care, these metal sheets, sometimes weathered, sometimes rusted but revamped and attached to a solid wood frame, have been preserved to retain all the traces of work carried out on them such as welding, embossing, shearing and even retaining the bolts and rivets.

It is on this medium that talented artists have joined forces to offer you a unique and surprising works of art based on photographs or posters of legendary motor races such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Francorchamps Grand Prix, the 12 Hours of Sebrings, the 24 Hours of Daytona, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monte-Carlo Rally or the famous Bol d’Or motorcycle race to name a few.

Available exclusively in the UK, only through Motorsport Centre Studio, we are delighted to present the Racing-Steel collection to motorsport fans and collectors alike.

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Liège Rome Liège

Medium: 100 x 125
Large: 145 x 180 cm

Carburateurs Solex

Medium: 105 x 140 cm
Large: 150 x 200 cm

Medium: 100 x 175 cm
Large: 140 x 250 cm

Medium: 160 x 160 cm
Large: 200 x 200 cm

Medium: 110 x 160 cm
Large: 150 x 220 cm

Medium: 85 x 140 cm
Large: 125 x 200 cm

Medium: 85 x 175 cm
Large: 120 x 250 cm

Medium: 95 x 140 cm
Large: 135 x 200 cm

Medium: 100 x 140 cm
Large: 145 x 200 cm

Medium: 115 x 180 cm
Large: 145 x 230 cm

Medium: 90 x 160 cm
Large: 120 x 220 cm

Medium: 105 x 160 cm
Large: 145 x 220 cm

Medium: 90 x 140 cm
Large: 125 x 220 cm

Medium: 125 x 180 cm
Large: 150 x 220 cm

Medium: 85 x 220 cm
Large: 115 x 300 cm

Medium: 85 x 220 cm
Large: 115 x 300 cm

Medium: 140 x 105 cm
Large: 200 x 150 cm

Medium: 80 x 160 cm
Large: 110 x 220 cm

Usine Coccinelle

Medium: 150 x 160 cm
Large: 185 x 200 cm

85 x 250 cm

Medium: 105 x 140 cm
Large: 150 x 200 cm

Carnet Coccinelle

Medium: 95 x 180 cm
Large: 115 x 220 cm

200 x 150 cm

140 x 180 cm

Porsche Eminence

Medium: 85 x 160 cm
Large: 115 x 220 cm

200 x 170 cm

Medium: 130 x 180 cm
Large: 160 x 220 cm

Medium: 100 x 180 cm
Large: 125 x 220 cm

Medium: 105 x 160 cm
Large: 145 x 220 cm

BMW30CSL au Mans 1975

Large: 105 x 250 cm

150 x 200 cm

125 x 200 cm

Medium: 150 x 170 cm
Large: 195 x 220 cm

Medium: 100 x 180 cm
Large: 125 x 230 cm

105 x 200 cm

145 x 220 cm

Medium: 110 x 160 cm
Large: 155 x 230 cm

Medium: 100 x 160 cm
Large: 125 x 200 cm

356 Under a Plane

Medium: 160 x 180 cm
Large: 200 x 220 cm

Medium: 145 x 160 cm
Large: 180 x 200 cm

Medium: 75 x 180 cm
Large: 90 x 220 cm


Can I order a “tailor-made” painting on a metal sheet? 2018-01-07T21:30:56+00:00

Yes, it is perfectly possible to order a painting on a metal sheet that doesn’t appear in our collection and that features the subject of your choice in a customised format. In order to do this, you will need to provide us with a sufficiently high-quality original piece of material that represents the result that you wish to obtain. Of course, the production schedule as well as the cost will be determined according to your briefing.

What is the procedure for payment and delivery? 2018-02-11T17:39:21+00:00

We only accept payment on collection. If necessary, your order can be shipped to you, carefully packaged – and insured. Additional costs will then be charged depending on the distance. What happens if you are not completely satisfied with the painting(s) you have chosen? We will take them back or replace them; you simply return them – at your own expense – via FedEx or any other international carrier within 8 days of the date of shipment. And we will refund or exchange the painting or paintings with another painting or paintings available in the collection. Once this deadline has passed, the purchase will be deemed to be final.

What kind of finish do the paintings have? 2018-01-07T21:33:44+00:00

The works are painted with oil paint and finished with a layer of UV-resistant varnish. They can be hung indoors or outdoors, although you should be aware that hanging the painting outdoors can trigger the ageing process and metal erosion. The paintings on metal sheets are attached to solid wooden frames, which are equipped with a robust hanging system on the back of the frame. Because of the weight of each painting, we strongly recommend using a special hanging system pegged into the wall and designed to bear the weight of heavy loads.


What sizes and weights do the paintings come in? 2018-01-07T21:34:02+00:00

The paintings come in variable sizes depending on the dimensions of the recycled metal sheets. On average paintings measure between 120 x 250cm, but the collection also contains a considerable number of other portrait or landscape formats. The paintings weigh an average of 25 – 35 kg.